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Electronic appeal of fines

26 January 2021

The State Duma in the second (main) reading adopted a draft law, which provides for the possibility of electronic appeal against fines for offenses revealed with the help of photo or video cameras.

So far, there is no special procedure for appealing such decisions in the legislation. Drivers have to prove their innocence and challenge penalties for a long and difficult time.

“Motorists will be able to remotely file complaints about erroneous fines through the Unified...

"Izvestiya" newspaper

A third of accidents occurred due to the fault of illegal carriers

20 January 2016

Almost half of all fatalities in passenger transport in 2014 were caused by unlicensed bus drivers

Drivers of almost 35% of buses involved in road accidents in 2014 did not have a license to carry passengers. The severity of the consequences of these accidents is almost twice as high as compared with accidents involving legal market players. As Izvestia was told in the «Road Safety Russia», the fault of the “shadow” drivers in Russia killed 149 people - 51% of...

Road Safety Russia

How to make the driver notice you – flickers working their magic

10 April 2015

Flickers get more and more familiar to general population. Safety Forecast organizers -- the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the General Department of Road Traffic Safety – provide ten facts about reflective elements that make people eight times more visible on the road and therefore help to save many lives. Refer to rsrussia.org page for further information.

        1. Using flickers helps to reduce the risk of running over a...


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