Road Safety Russia: every scooter rider in a helmet!

29 June 2013

“Scooting by the rules” was the catchphrase for a summery Saturday evening in Sokolniki Park. On 29 June road safety campaigners organised a one-off event, successfully combining information and entertainment. Road Safety Russia supported the event and took part in the campaign for better safety for drivers and passengers of motorbikes and scooters.


On 5 November 2013 amendments to the Russian Law On Road Safety will come into force which will require anyone driving a motor scooter to have a driving licence. In the Moscow region there have already been 322 accidents involving motorbikes or scooters since the beginning of the season, resulting in the deaths of 26 people.


Participants in the talk show, Safe Alternatives, came together to discuss this and other scooter-related issues. The panel was made up of people concerned about reducing risks for scooter riders. Deputy Director of the PR Department of the Russian State Automobile Inspectorate, Sergey Khrantskevich, Senior Expert at the Strategic Department of Road Safety Russia, Alexander Revskiy, representative of the Mototaxi No. 1 project, Andrey Popkov, founder of the Retro Scooters Club, Daniil Antonov, and representative of regional NGO, Safe City for Children, Vladimir Shmundyak, discussed a number of core topics chosen especially for the talk show: “Helmets and safety: to wear or not to wear?”, “Speed: restriction and excess” and “The Law on  the Introduction of a Scooter Licence: for or against”. At the end of the show, the most significant and topical conclusions formed the basis of a mini-resolution which will be used by the State Automobile Inspectorate’s PR Department in educational resources and information materials.


Car drivers were not forgotten either. At the end of the event there was a giant flash mob, dubbed “I follow the rules”, where scooter riders drove out of the park in a narrow column, handing out road safety checklists to drivers and talking about the importance of abiding by the rules of the road.

Road Safety Russia put up its striking “Above all, wear a helmet” public information posters in the park, promoting safe, defensive driving, and the Road Safety flag was flying throughout the event.



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